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Apr 20, 2010
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Hi, all,

I'm new to the forums; I hope I've picked a good one for this post. :confused:

I'm having an issue with an application suite I'm developing. The bulk of the work is done in a backend dll that relies heavily on delegate subs in the different apps.

The problem I'm having is, I have a lot of these delegates typed to require a parameter. (eg, Public Delegate Sub DelTypeA(ByRef param As Object)). The individual methods will have a DelTypeA as one of their params, and I will pass it AddressOf functionA that has that signature.

This works fine for strong typing as long as the signature is something incorrect (2 params, a byval instead of a byref). But if functionA has NO params, the delegate is still created!

This works fine if I genuinely don't need to use a param, eg if the sub is simpler and I would have ignored the param anyway. But I want the strong typing to work here.

EDIT: I should add that invoking the delegate also works fine for simpler subs; the param is just not passed because it had nowhere to go. But I want to force all the subs to match the signature and do their own ignoring of the param ;)

What's going on? :eek:
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