1. D

    Errors on database insert - works only sometimes

    I'm working in Visual Studio 2012 and I'm running this code to insert a row into a history database when a field on an page is changed. It seems to work 1 out of every three times I test it without debug on - and has absolutely no problems when running in debug mode (which made me think...
  2. D

    Works in debug - not live

    Hi, I'm having and issue that my code works perfectly while in debug mode, but does nothing in live. I don't receive any errors - it just doesn't insert the row into the database. -NEVERMIND it needed to add a "Wait" function so the values could catch up.
  3. N

    Question No Source Available error when debugging

    While debugging a Windows Phone 7 app I am working on, I receive the following message: No Source Available There is no source code available for the current location. This message is displayed in a tab in Visual Studio 2010. The message is only displayed when I have breakpoints, I do not...
  4. N

    Emulator & App lock up for no reason

    I am currently working on an app (using VB.NET & Silverlight). The app does several calculations, and they usually work fine. However, on occasion (maybe 1out of 10 times), the app locks up when I click one of the buttons. This happens regardless of whether I am running it using Deploy or Debug...
  5. O

    Question Can I not step into a Dataset.designer.vb ?

    Hello everyone! I am using a VS2008 to edit a VB code. When I do "step into" to debug my code, it always steps into xxx.designer.vb. Trying to enable and disable "Just My Code" in options, but it seems to make no difference. Can I review just my code and skip other code generated automatically...
  6. I

    Question Help Debugging problem!

    ive got a debugging problem when ever i try to debug my game this comes up :confused: please help
  7. shivinitin

    Question Debug Folder in Windows Application

    Thank you for viewing my question. I'm developing a windows application, which creates a bin\debug and bin\release folders. On pressing F5 key(start debugging process), the application launches from bin\debug folder although the application has also created obj\debug and obj\release folders. I...
  8. M

    Question Debugging in 64 bit

    I have express running on vista. Unfortunately my version does not allow me to make modifications to the code while in debug mode. As I researched the issue, it seems that for full version (not the express version) one can set the compiler to 32 bit, which supposedly solves the problem...
  9. H

    Question Cannot debug correctly in VS 2005

    I have a VB.NET application that when I want to debug I cannot do it. Private Sub LoadReasonCodes(ByVal decision As String) Try Dim oDS As New DataSet cmbReasonCode.Items.Clear() cmbReasonCode.Text = "" oDS =...
  10. Vermiculus

    Question Debug problems (probably Math syntax)

    I have been over my code several times, but I just cant seem to find the error. It is supposed to be a simple triangle calculator (actually a control for a much bigger project) that solves for any missing parts. This is the SSS (Side-Side-Side) portion of it that does not work... Public...
  11. K

    Localhost problem with Debugging

    I'm using Visual Studio 2008 on XP SP2. When I select the Start Debugging icon in the menubar, it starts up the ASP.NET Development Server and selects port number 1128 (or another random number). When IE starts, it goes to http://localhost:1126/........... where the localhost number is exactly...