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Aug 11, 2009
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Thank you for viewing my question. I'm developing a windows application, which creates a bin\debug and bin\release folders. On pressing F5 key(start debugging process), the application launches from bin\debug folder although the application has also created obj\debug and obj\release folders.

I have created several windows applications but this is the first time I have encountered such a strange situation.

I want my application to compile and store the executable in "bin\" folder instead of in bin\debug folder.

Actually the problem I'm facing is that the DataSource has the string value like "|DataDirectory|\Database\academic.mdf" and it points to "bin\debug\bin\Database\academic.mdf" which dosen't exist. That means it is taking DataDirectory="bin\debug\bin\" instead of "bin\".

I checked the Build output path in projects properties, it was "bin\release" and I changed it to "bin\" but it still doesn't work out for me.

Any help is appreciated in this regard. Couldn't get to change the build directory.
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