1. I

    Infinite Redraw Loop with "Program not Responding" Message

    Hello Community, I have an urgent problem to which I would appreciate quick replies. I have written a program for a school project which graphs mathematical equations. Within Visual Studio (in debug mode) everything works perfectly. However, when I publish the program and run it as an installed...
  2. duckhouse

    Question Program Crashes Yet No Error Message

    Hey Forum I am using VB.NET Framework 3.5 . I have a very complicated program with over 40 forms and 100s of lines of coding. Earlier today, this program worked perfectly. I decided to change the Assembly Name from APA to Salamander. I do not get any errors and things seem to be going fine...
  3. F

    Program closes without warning.

    I have an application (built using Visual Basics 2005) that is being used at work for inventory. It is running on multiple desktops and without any issues. There is one desktop that when I launch the program, the program closes automatically without warning or an error message. Process of...