1. SvobodaT

    Question Transparency for standard controls

    Hi, I am a VB beginner after 20 years of programming abstinence so please pardon my ignorance. I am making a very standard app - a Wiondows form with standard controls. I would like to make some of the controls (e.g. a TrackBar) semi-transparent or at least give them a background image. I have...
  2. D

    Setting multi controls on a form

    Hi, I am setting all the textbox controls on a form to read only. Then when the user clicks on a button I want to change all the textbox back to being editable! Heres my code but it doesnt work or produce any errors. There are 7 textboxes on my form. Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender...
  3. J

    dynamically add and remove controls?

    I have search internet for quit a while, but can't find the solution for my coding. What I want to do is I first add 3 buttons on the form with coding. If I press the first button, all the 3 buttons will be removed and another 3 new buttons will be added: Here is my code, I don't know where do...
  4. A

    Customizable container control

    I am trying to build a custom control (dll) that allows me at design-time to add/remove controls (buttons, toggle buttons, labels, dropdowns, comboboxes, radiobuttons, checkboxes, and custom versions of all of these controls) and edit their attributes/properties using a collection editor. The...
  5. JimA

    Question Subclassed controls WithEvents in the forms designer

    I created a simple class to add a little functionality to a button control: Public Class pwButton Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Button Public Sub New() MyBase.New() ForeColor = Color.Indigo BackColor = Color.LightGray Height = 10 End Sub End Class After building, the...
  6. Grayda

    Stopping "automatic" updating of controls with datasource

    I'm writing an app that pulls information from a DataSet as a one-way thing (e.g. the datasource populates a listbox, but for selection purposes only -- the user cannot change the list values). My problem is, when I select something from the listbox, all of the other listboxes change too, as if...
  7. F

    List of all Controls

    Hi all, I don´t know if this is the right area. Please sorry if not. Well, first of all, thanx for your attention. I´ve searched the whole web (at last where google can see) for a solution, but i just can´t find. The problem is the following: I want a list of all controlls in my project, not...
  8. G

    crazy design time control behaviour on tab control

    this is just wierd.... i have a splitter control on tab 2, a grid and a scheduler control on tab 3..... looks fine...i save it....close the form...reopen the form, and the controls are all resized and moved around on me....and not for the better. wierd thing is that when i run the app, the...
  9. U

    Question Issue with multiple tab pages with databound cotrols

    I have a tabcontrol and two tab pages on the tab control. There are some fields on the tab pages which are databound to access database table which are populated using dataadapter. There is functionality to calculate total of the fields on both the tab pages when I click a button. When I load...
  10. G

    Question Focus and Resize the Control at Runtime

    I want to focus and re-size the controls like text box or label at run time using keyboard and as well as mouse. I have attached the image that has control and it is focused and it could be re-size. In that image,background it has grids. I need that kind of grids in my form. From this position...
  11. A

    Aspose.Pdf for .NET - Released

    What’s new in this release? The recent release of Aspose.Pdf for .NET v. announces the support for PDF/A-1b to ensure reliable reproduction of visual appearance of the document. Another new feature of hyphenation based on customized dictionary is also supported. More about Aspose.Pdf...
  12. J

    Advanced WinForms Controls

    Powerful features, Office 2007 Style and great performance. You can get a free trial version at:
  13. P

    Question About activex controls and instances

    How would you take a control named something like axBizTocSock and declare it like this Dim axBizTocSock(5) As axBizTocSock Its a control for Signing on to aim and I want to let it sign on more than one screen name at the same time for bots. I'm sure there's a more efficient way than to copy...