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    Instr Returns 0

    This line returns false. InStr(rslt.Name, resultName, CompareMethod.Text) > 0 It should be returning true since the result of Instr should be 3. In the watch window rslt.Name = "2-Thickness" and resultName = "Thickness" The function that this line is a part of is part of the base class and is...
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    Compare two strings

    I have a text box that I can input multiple lines of numbers in. I want to compare each line of numbers against my dataset to find a match. If it matches it should update my database. My pseudo code should be something like this- Get input from textbox Index number of inputs from text...
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    Problem with comparing dates and times

    Hi All, I have a problem trying to compare two dates in is there a bug in .net?? Please see attached code... you can see the values in the two date variables, but the result of the if statement is going to 'else'... i thought = 0 means the two are equal??? Any help would be very much...
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    Question Sorting lists and inheritance

    I am trying to add sorting support to a series of related classes. Here is a simplified and generic version which should show how things are laid out. Class CItem Class CSpecific1 inherits CItem Class CSpecific2 inherits CItem Class CSpecific3 inherits CSpecific1 ... (several more like this)...
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    Find section of an image within an image

    Big screen grab example Little image example Sorry for this and I really would appreciate any comments.. or help.. I am working with a home made industrial OCR recondition (but not actually OCR), and I know some of you will say 'this is better' and 'that is better' but my company's...
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    Question Comparing dates PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi! I am new to this forum and to programing in visual basic .net! I am sure there is an easy solution but I am stuck!! I have a question: I have a program with a SQL 2008 backend with a table called p_timesheets inside of which is a field called tsDate stored as date. I am able to pull the...
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    Image Recognition/Compare

    Im gonna make a program to a webbrowser game. There is a captcha, there with pictures of cars. i need to compare these two pictures and i want the result of equalnes in PERCENT. So if the picture are 75% equal then it click on the picture. 1. 2.