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    Question Acrobat 7 not closing through OLE

    Hi All, I've written an app in for bulk mailing of clients customers. As part of this app I have to insert OMR markers into the documents that are being printed off. The issue that I am having is that I can open an Acrobat file and insert the markers then print off the document for...
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    Question COM Control Call from .Net frequently blocking for 15(!!)ms

    Background: I have an ActiveX/COM control written in C++/MFC which processes video (ie. 30 frames per second => about 33ms per frame processing budget) Various rendering aspects of the control can be modified using Set calls on the control, which clients can issue at any time. It turns out that...
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    Debugging COM interop with Visual Studio 2005

    Hello Everyone, I am out of ideas, and I would like to see if you could guide me. It happends that I need to create a Visual Basic.NET GUI for a VB6 application. I already registered the COM DLL and reference it properly. However, when I debug the application, it is giving me an OutofMemory...