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Jan 13, 2010
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Hi All,

I've written an app in for bulk mailing of clients customers.

As part of this app I have to insert OMR markers into the documents that are being printed off.

The issue that I am having is that I can open an Acrobat file and insert the markers then print off the document for the first customer but when the app gets to the second customers documents and tries to open the same acrobat document for them I get an error telling me the document is already open by another user / processs.

When I look at task manager, I can see an Acrobat process is still open on my machine. I've tried specifically closing the app, the avdocument and the PDdocument I've also used a sub routine to release the activeX / com objects but still no luck.

Here is my code :)

Public Sub PrintAdobe (byref sFile as String)
dim destFile, strOMR as string
dim acroApp, acroAV, acroPD, acroAV1, acroPD1, srcPage, destPage, PageSize, srcAnnot, destAnnot, acroRect As object
dim intPage, endPage, srcPageNum, PageHeight, intAnnot as integer

On Error GOTO ErrHandler
if File.Exists(sFile) then
	'copy to new destination file
	destFile = replace(sFile, ".pdf", "_OMR.pdf") 
	if File.Exists(destFile) Then File.Delete(destFile)
	File.Copy(sFile, destFile)
	'Initialise our Acrobat objects
	acroApp = CreateObject("AcroExch.App")
	acroAV = createObject("AcroExch.AVDoc")
	acroAV.Open(destFile, dir(destFile))
	acroPD = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc")
	acroPD = acroAV.GetPDDoc
	endPage = acroPd.GetNumPages - 1
	'need to insert a template PDF page with OMR markers perdefined as Annots 
	acroAV1 = CreateObject("AcroExch.App")
	acroAV1.Open (OMRTEMPLATEPATH, "OMRTemplate.pdf")
	acroPD1  = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc")
	'inserting Template
	srcPageNum = acroPD.GetNumPages - 1
	srcPage = acroPD.AcquirePage(srcPageNum)
	for intPage = 0 to endPage
		'increase global page count
		gPageCount = gPageCount + 1
		strOMR ="OMR_"
		'if last page in the batch need envelope Insert
		if gPageCount = gLastPage then
			strOMR = strOMR & "I_"
			strOMR = strOMR & "S_"
		end if
		'add our OMR sequence Number
		strOMR = strOMR & gIntSeq
		' now we have the name of the OMR Marker we are looking for e.g. OMR_S_1
		'get the current page object
		destPage = acroPD.AcquirePage(intPage)
		'need to find height of page in order to place OMR 
		PageSize = destPage.GetSize()
		PageHeight = PageSize.y
		'parse through each template Annot and find matching name
		for intAnnot = 0 to srcPage.GetNumAnnots - 1
			srcAnnot = srcPage.GetAnnot(intAnnot)
			if srcAnnot.GetTitle = strOMR then
				'add the src annot  to the page
				destPage.AddAnnot(-2, srcAnnot)
				destAnnot = destPage.GetAnnot(0)
				acroRect = destAnnot.GetRect
				with acroRect
					'position our annot
					.Left = 3.3
                                	.right = 54
					if PageHeight > 253.85 then 'should be but just in case...
						'N.B. Acrobat coordinates in points @ 72pt/inch starting in bottom left of page
						.top = PageHeight - 163.75
						.bottom = PageHeight - 253.85	
					end if
				end with
				destAnnot.SetRect(acroRect) 'update  our Rectangle
				destAnnot.SetOpen(1) 'Open our Annot in print
				gintSeq = gintSeq + 1
				if gintSeq > 7 then gintSeq = 0
				Exit For
			End If
	acroPD.Save(PDSaveFlags.PDSaveFull, destFile)
	acroAV.PrintPagesSilent(0, endPage, 2, False, False)
	System.Threading.thread.sleep(1000) 'give it a second to print	
end if
	If not acroPD is nothing then
		acroPD = nothing
	end if

	If not acroAV is nothing then
		acroAV = nothing
	End If
	If not acroApp is nothing then
		acroApp =  nothing
	End If 
	Exit Sub
	On Error Resume Next
	msgbox(Err.Number &": " &Err.Description, MsgBoxStyle.Critical + MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly)
	Resume OUT
End Sub

I don't know what I've missed to close this out but it is holding up my project :(
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