1. H

    Question Color Palete

    How I can create a panel of Color like this: this is a panel with subPanels that their Back Colours are different!
  2. T

    Question Loading back and fore color by name from a .txt file problem!

    Hello, I am having a minor problem with my code. Basically what it does is allows you to change the color (using the "colordialog" code) of the form backcolor and forecolor, and also writes the name of that color to a .txt file so when you exit the form, it saves the colors you chose. When the...
  3. Thonord

    Question Locate color within a rectangle using a Graphics object.

    Hi, I'm an old retired Clipperhead, now a hobby VB programmer (starting from VB3). I am managing til conversion to .NET pretty well on my own, but I find myself often doing things "the old way" instead of using the vast resources in .NET. As an example, I would scan an area of a bitmap pixel by...
  4. G

    Colour problems

    Firstly I've been programming the basic language on and off pretty much all my life, from the Commodore 64 (My pride and joy!) to Qbasic and finally .net. But I'm totally useless at .net. So the questions are probably very rookie :) I'm also terrible at explaining things but I'll give it my...
  5. S

    Question ComboBox Selection Color

    I have a Win Forms app written in In it, I have a combo box with a Owner Draw Item routine. Using this routine, I am able to implement an application-wide default value for a selection color like shown below: This works great except for one tidbit: Once an item is selected, the combo...
  6. S

    Problem with backgroundcolor for iTextSharp ex in VB.

    Hi Im making a page that can get some info from a DB from a gridview and then print it to a PDF file. But im having problems with the background color. If i use this line of code cell.BackgroundColor = New Color(System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.FromHtml("#008000")) Then i get this error...
  7. open eXpressions

    Question QColorPicker Control

    Hi All! I'm new here, and I am trying to use the control below: The QIOS Community • View topic - Qios.DevSuite.ColorPicker (V2) I used the code they provided, but it does not work. I have a QColorPicker that I would like to select the color and be able to put the hex code as a string into a...
  8. N

    Custom Colors for a TextBox

    I have a TextBox in my App for which I want to customize the colors. At the moment, I am using the following Style: <Style x:Key="EditPlayerStyle" TargetType="TextBox"> <Setter Property="Background" Value="Blue"/> <Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="0"/> <Setter Property="FontFamily"...
  9. Runescope

    Resolved Setting drawstring color from fontdialog

    Greetings! I have text that I am trying to print and while I can get the font that is displayed from the font dialog quite easily, when I try and grab the colour it won't let me do it as the color in e.Graphics.DrawString is set using a brush, and the font dialog returns a color. I'm...
  10. G

    Question MonthCalendar Control - Cant set colors?

    Hi all, I am using a monthcalendar control in my application to allow a user to select a day from the calendar that will load data for that day. the background is totally white (ugh). there is a backcolor property, but when i set it to say Cyan (yea right), the calendar still displays as...
  11. Apocalyptic

    Question Pixel Colors, take a pixel from the screen!

    Yeh I know it's so trivial but I'm trying to do it since a lot of time in VB 2005 Express Edition. Let me explain: I need to make an easy output of a specific color on my whole screen. For example: I have a Form with -btnSearch -txtX -txtY -lblColor When I press 'btnSearch', it takes the...
  12. C

    Resolved Image ColorKey and ColorMatrix

    Hello everyone, first post here and looking for some guidance on what I think should be something simple, but I've been playing with it for hours getting nowhere. Perhaps I don't understand the ColorMatrix well enough, but there is almost no documentation on it, well anywhere. What I am trying...
  13. D

    Question How to change the text color of Listview's group header?

    I want to change the color of the group header text in listview which separates all the items into various groups, there is no such option to do that directly because no such property exists. As far as i can think of it can be achieved via overriding the paint event but i have not done any...