1. S

    Lost by object and event listboxes in Code Editor!

    Hi All, Please can someone help... At the top of the code editor window, there is usually the object listbox on the left, and the events listbox on the right... Both of mine have disappeared! Does anyone know how to get these back? There must be a setting somewhere to make them visible...
  2. M

    Question Get Network SSID name and Default Gateway IP ?

    So, I am creating a simple application in and was wondering on how I would get the code for current connected SSID name and the code for Default Gateway IP. Using Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate. Oh and By the way, I need the output on a TEXT BOX not a Message Box. Milan
  3. jlcruzAME

    Calling a Stored Procedure

    Below is the code I currently have in place for calling a stored procedure: Dim SQLCon As New SqlClient.SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("LocalSqlServer").ConnectionString) If Not SQLCon.State = ConnectionState.Open Then SQLCon.Open() End...
  4. T

    Question windows forms app copy a file to a preset folder

    hi thanks for the help I'm writing a program and i need to have a button put a file into a folder, i know how the button works i already have it doing some other stuff. i just don't know the code to copy and past it to a folder.
  5. M

    Trial expiration

    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I need help turning my application so that it expires every 365 days and so they can not run it. i have a start. the error says that it cant convert my string to a date. here is the function to check the trial (currently set to 1 day) Public Function...
  6. S

    no forms in creating new project in visual basic 2010

    no forms can be seen when creating a new project.. i am going to choose a window form but there are no forms to choose.. what will i do? am i missing some libraries? or i made a mistake in installation? or any idea?
  7. N

    Simplifying Loops

    I would like to simplify a do loop.

    Web Gallery Creator

    Hi this is a basic but good looking web gallery creator and contains codes relating to embedding resources like images and other files. Give it a try!! hope u like it technical specs : vs2010 and .net 4.0(client)
  9. M

    Question echoing out vb variables into my html code?

    Hey, Is there an alternative to using response.write()? or Perhaps a method of combining both my vb code and html coding into one page. I know that i can use the <script> blocks but can i place them inside the html <body> tag>? Also is there a way of echoing out vb variables into my html...
  10. krechlich

    Question Problems with random functions

    Okay, so I'm doing a card game and I'm trying to set that when picturebox (PictureBox1) is clicked, a random card from 13 cards will come visible. Problem is, that when i start the program and click the picturebox, the same card will always come visible. As you can see i've put a button...
  11. S

    Question Copy text from console window

    Hello all, I am writing a console program in 2010/.net 4.0. Through out the program there are many lines of info. presented to the user in the console window. I was wondering if there is a way to copy all those lines from the code. The reason is that I want to save the text as a log to...
  12. S

    Question code for update button?

    i have one registration form which consists of username, password, confirmpassword and Register button. When i will be typing the username, it should show whether the username is available or not. and i have changed the username column as primary key in sql database. Private Sub...
  13. N

    Question Visual Basic Datetimepicker issue

    This function is supposed to alert the user if there is an attempt to change the date to another date (other than Today). When the user clicks Yes in the Messagebox another message box pops up to let the user know that date is changed and the new date chosen is displayed on the datetimepicker...
  14. H

    My Program... Test it?

    Hey All, i have written my program, and i am wondering if it is any good. I have made a website: HERE but have you got any ideas or extra little things i can add to it? (I dont want to add the source code to this, because i want to keep it to myself. it is NOT a virus. - It has been checked...
  15. H

    Registration - String to Double?

    I am making a registration feature for my program, and so far, this is my code If UserID.Text * (KeyID.Text / 994) > "2067189894" And UserID.Text * (KeyID.Text / 994) < "2026581216" Then MsgBox("The User ID and Key are Correct! Click Register to complete registration for...
  16. H

    Question Program ideas?

    I have made heaps of web browsers, Text Editors, and a couple of picture viewers, and i am getting better each time i make one:), finding better code, pictures, and tricks, but i am getting bored of makeing these... Any ideas of other things i could make? Thanks, Haxaro
  17. H

    Question How to make a registration feature for my Visual Basic program?

    I have made a program, that i want to distribute with a free version, and a pay version. I need a code to make the program so the user can pay, and get emailed a link, which i can do, but i need a code to allow the user to enter their User ID, which was sent to them, (ie. 937823) and a...
  18. S

    Question Tax Calculator

    Ok, I'm creating this calculator for someone I know... But I ran into a problem...This thing doesn't do decimal's. What it basicly is, is trying to take the data from 4 text boxes and add them up into a label, then take that anwser and multiply it by 0.06. It works fine...unless you use a...
  19. V

    Web Browser Function

    Hey guys sorry I'm sort of new at this, so I apologise in advance if the thread is in the wrong area of the forum or if the problem I am having is actually very simple, but all the same I do need help. Basically I am creating a form in VB.NET Version 3.5 , with the web browser function, and I...