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    Copy excel data to datagrid

    Hi, i have a windows form with a datagrid, and i want the user to be able to copy and paste the data i am going to perform calculations on, into the grid in a certain column. For simpilicity, we can assume that they have copied the correct numerical values to the clipboard from excel, and they...
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    Copy listbox items to clipboard

    Im trying to copy items from listbox into my clipboard. The first word always works, but the rest just left blank. I am using this code Dim ordning As Integer = 0 Dim clip As String = "" If ordning < allanamn.Items.Count Then clip =...
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    Paste a Command in DOS

    Dear all members, First, I want to say "Hello Everyone!". I've learned VB for 2 years and now I just know a little about VB.NET. I hope this is the right place that I can post my question. I want to know how can I paste a command phrase to cmd.exe (Command Prompt) from VB.NET code. I've tried...