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Oct 9, 2008
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Dear all members,

First, I want to say "Hello Everyone!". I've learned VB for 2 years and now I just know a little about VB.NET. I hope this is the right place that I can post my question.

I want to know how can I paste a command phrase to cmd.exe (Command Prompt) from VB.NET code. I've tried to search by google, but I got nothing - only how-to execute command in cmd.exe from

I meant that I don't want to execute the command line. What I want is paste a command phrase to cmd.exe and wait for user press return Key or correct some error before press Return key.

For example:

I have a command phrase like this:
cd "E:\My Documents\My Software"

Then I need to paste this phrase to cmd.exe (Open)
C:\> cd "E:\My Documents\My Software"

And waiting for me to press Return key before execute this command.

I just know: cmd.exe /k cd "E:\My Documents\My Software" (Type in Run)
But when I do this, it with opens and executes quickly.

I hope this is understandable. Please help me!
Thank you all in advance.

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