1. T

    Question How to change the picture of a button while it is clicked

    I have a button on my web browser, I want the picture to change while I am clicking it. I have no idea how to do this and would greatly appreciate if somebody could tell me how I go about making this happen.

    Wallpaper Changer

    Hi, i've created a desktop wallpaper changer and added some animation part to it. As this is my first post any help whatsoever is appreciated.
  3. J

    I keep losing Find/Change box

    Lost the Find and Change functions Not sure if this is the right forum, but . . . After using VB 2008 Express for many months, suddenly the Find (Cntl F) and change (Cntl H) functions no longer work. If I highlight a series of lines and press Cntl H, both the blue bar at the top of the page...
  4. T

    Datagridview only updates database after changing row selection...

    I have a bound datagrid that contains textboxes and comboboxes. I am having problems getting my changes to consistently update the database behind the scenes. I have an EndEdit event that fires everytime it needs to and executes the code to update the database. However, the update commands...
  5. A

    Problem with modifying a DataSource

    I am using a DataSource based on an programm object (one of my classes). When changing the class definition (deleting or adding a field/property definition) I have problems to get the new/modified class/datasource to replace the old one. Meaning: the new class field declarations do not show up...
  6. icemanind

    Changing Directories

    I am writing a console application and I am trying to change directories. I am using Directory.SetCurrentDirectory() method and its changing directories just find. The problem is, however, when my application exits, it sets the current directory back to where I was. I also tried importing the...