button property

  1. D

    Question How to change button control tags & tooltip info at runtime?

    Hi everyone, I face some issues on how i'm about to change a button.text and *.tag info. I have over 5000 buttons(in total) on over 100 forms. I created a Treeview on a form which i can enter only, that shows all my forms with buttons & tag names. For example: a textbox has the name of the...
  2. SmokyRick

    Answered How to access the "help" from a button in code

    Hello - I have a button on my form which says "Help", and I would like it to access the same thing as when the user hits F1. I have a "Help Provider" which I am using for that purpose. I am programming with Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2017. How can I do this? Any help would be appreciated. I...
  3. A

    Question Help with Button selection at runtime?!

    I use Microsoft Visual Basic Express edition 2008 on my Windows XP SP2 and in it, in a Windows Form project, I add a button to my default form and set it's flatstyle to flat and borderwidth to 0. At runtime, when I click that button, I get a black color hollow box on that button at it's...