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    Question Axis not updated when i add a new point

    Hello, I would like to draw a graph of multiple serie with y and y2. This I can do it. Now my problem is that I want to display data in real time but in a chart in which the size of axis doesnt change. a small drawing worths better than long explanation. so the graph should start like this...
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    Problem calling Axis Web Service

    Hi everibody. Iìm triyng to call a web service written with Axis (a java tool). I've cheked soap messages between my client and the WS and everything seems good, but calling the method i receive a null(nothing) response. Here is my soap request: <?xml version="1.0"...
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    Question Editing Excel charts

    Hi, I have been loking at this for a while now and haven't really found anything helpful searching on Google, so I thought I'd post my query here. I have created a form that takes data held in an acces database, and then creates an excel chart, saves it as an image and displays it on my form...