1. R

    Question Spliting records into variable formats

    Hi I am splitting data from an ASCII file generated by another system which has records of a varied format. The first 2 characters in each record are used to indicate the structure of the remaining data in the record. For example: 1 2 3 4 5...
  2. N

    Question Greek Text in ArrayList appears as '????????????'

    Hello all, I've written a Windows application which reads the title of a Window (which is in Greek) and adds it in an Array List. However, when I MessageBox.Show(thatString) it appears as '?????'. Any ideas?
  3. J

    Question Textbox validation

    hello, I need some suggestions on this one. Is there any way to validate textboxes?? Like for some, you can only insert numeric characters, for others only alphabetical characters? And I wanna validate em at da keypress event. I know how to do it using coding on ASCII keys. But can anyone give...
  4. O

    Question Reading a text from a binary file, changing and saving.

    Hi, I'm new to VB and trying to figure out how I can replace a bit of descriptive text in a binary file. I presume its binary as I cant open it with anything but a hex editor. I've changed the text (file description) in the hex editor and saved it fine but I'm unsure how I go about saving just...