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May 20, 2009
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Hi, how could I make an year calendar? Something like the normal month calendar in VB, but an year calendar. It would be a (big) control, containing the 12 months of a given year.

Ah, and also, I should be able to select (by clicking and draging) one or more than one day, and, I should be able to select days in 3 different colors.

The colors thing will be made according to a groupbox with 3 checkboxes. If checkbox1 is selected, paint with X color. If checkbox2 is selected, paint with Y color, etc...

For last, I should be able to select N days, then switch to another color and select M days. Then switch back to the inicial color and select more days.



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Jun 30, 2008
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Welcome to the forum. It is not the purpose of this forum to create fully devoloped controls or projects for people, but it is the the place to work thru specific problems. Start out with a project design model - on paper or whatever. Start designing the main layer and decide where things go, and what events you need to take place. Research drag drop operations and whatever else you need to learn. MSDN and google will be your best friends. When searching use VB.Net <thingYouAreLookingFor> will it will send you to the right language websites(usually). Then come by here to fix the specific problems you encounter.
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