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Sep 27, 2005
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I've posted this problem in another form in the databases discussion area on these forms and its not getting many hits, figured I'd try this section

I want to read all the occurances of 'Item' into the array Character.Items I've searched at least 50 different VB.net XML tutorials an there are no examples of this, I can read everything else fine such as Character.Name, .Level, ect but I lack the understanding of how to keep one name (Item) and add all of the instances under the array Character.

Original Thread here:http://www.vbdotnetforums.com/showthread.php?t=5588
Has a part of code with my last frustrated attempt

Basically is it possible to add a 3rd demension to this? something like

Character.Items.Item(0) = number of elements in array
Character.Items.Item(1) = first occurance of Item
Character.Items.Item(2) = second occurance of Item
...and so on?

<Character Code="Nezo">
		 <Item>Short Sword</Item>
		 <Item>Other Item</Item>

I've just started getting into VB and there are a lot of things that just seem over complicated for such small tasks compared with other languages I've used, maybe I just need more experience and a broader understanding of the available functions/syntax.

Any links to good tutorials, reading more complex XML files would be great if anyone has seen any examples of something similar to this.
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