Webbrowser Control and IWebProxy


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Aug 1, 2008
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I have a webbrowser control that allows me to save username and password infromation for a proxy server and i have been successful in changing the system default proxy for my application. What i now need to accomplish is to have a seperate proxy for each instance of the webbrowser control. i have thread a simple version of the application. but that did not work i was wondering if i could set an instance of the IWebProxy to allow for the change of the proxy. This is the last part of the application i am writing for a set of clients. Any help would be great. here are he basics. If i create a new form and add a webbrowser control to it then navigate to whatismyip.com. it shows me the current proxy.This works now. using the wininet.dll but what i want to do is create another window with a new proxy and navigate to whatismyip.com and have it show the new one. then refresh the old one and it still hold the correct proxy from before. i am thinking i will have to create another application that allow multiruns of itself to accomplish this. i was thinking service but i dont think the webbrowser control is available there. The company just needs to navigate to certain pages and be able to test there forms but on a more independent level as they dont need to see them but woud like to be able to if they choose that option. The proxies is to allow for them to track the tests. I know not my idea theres I know that the webbrowser control is just an extension of IE but there has to be a way to set the proxy for each control. I was able to find the code needed to set the password for each control using IAuthenicate this was not a problem. i am just curious if the IWebProxy can be done in the same manner and if so does someone have the code for this or just a snibbit. i am at a loss here any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help.
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