Web Forms and Kerberos Authentication


May 9, 2005
Programming Experience
Hey this question is for anyone who has had to create a web app in ASP.net and had to user Kerberos Authentication...

Anyone who creates web pages here at my job has the option to add a .htaccess file in their webspace to incorporate kerberos authentication into their personal site. I was provided with instructions on what to code in an .htaccess file too.

I had not worked with this type of authentication before and have just about read all I can about it, but still...I can't quite grasp what I need to do...

The start page in my ASP Application already has user and password prompts...I was wondering how I could incorporate this .htaccess "code" into my asp page..by creating a script?

Can I do that? How?

I am a newbie so be gentle!:eek:

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