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Nov 15, 2006
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Hi ya'll,

I have three questions that I have been beating myself up over for the past 3 weeks. I am making a web browser for a school project. And wouldnt ya know I ran into three problems:

1) How do you disable the back button so the user cannot go back past the initial loaded webpage. My program crashes everytime I do that. I thought disabling the button at points would work but it still finds a way to crash.

2) How do you set up a "Save Favorites" type button?

3) (the most important one) How do you do a "New window" or Ctrl+N with the form so that the new window is not dependent on the original window(ie when i close the original window the rest of them don't close)

Thanks for your help in advance JOE


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Aug 17, 2004
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1. You would manipulate the buttons like so:
myBackButton.Enabled = myWebBrowser.CanGoBack
myForwardButton.Enabled = myWebBrowser.CanGoForward
You would place this code in the method that handles the Navigating, Navigated or DocumentCompleted event. I'm not sure which would be the most appropriate but a bit of testing would tell you.

2. I would suggest creating a Favourite class and a FavouriteCollection class. You can then serialise and deserialise a FavouriteCollection object to an XML file to save and load your favourites. If XML serialisation is a bit beyond you at this stage then you can just use StreamReaders and StreamWriters and use a text file instead.

3. It's not an easy thing to do within a single application in VB.NET 2003. I would suggest that when you create a new window that you actually start a new process, so you will be running more than one instance of your application. If you need to pass a URL to the new window you can do that via a commandline argument. See the Environment.GetCommandLineArgs method for more information.
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