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Jan 21, 2012
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vTiger CRM

vTiger CRM is a software with open source CRM for small and medium-sized organizations. With it you can manage the entire company CRM and Inventory Management activities effectively, including sales and marketing automation, customer support and services, and procurement. There are many tools and add-ons that will help you to increase the productivity of business organizations. Some of them, MS Outlook, MS Office and Thunderbird integration, Customer Portal, RSS and other. Find more information about the features of vTiger.

vTiger CRM benefits
Being extremely simple to use, perhaps, one of the most important advantages of CRM vTiger. Compared with Sugar Suite, vTiger CRM is loaded faster. UI vTiger is more intuitive and easy to use. The necessary software, for example, Apache, MySQL, PHP and integrated, and executable files are available for both systems, Windows, Linux and OS. VTiger CRM software provides Open Source add-on for Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla / Thunderbird, Microsoft Word, and the Customer Portal, which add more value to end users by providing many opportunities to companies. The program is free and requires no up-front investment. This allows the pre-sale and post-sales activities to be integrated into a single application and provides a rich user experience of setting products and excellent customer support.

vTiger CRM Disadvantages
Install vTiger is a bit tricky, for example, because vTiger can not fill its database during installation, and may require additional changes to files in order to be successful. Another drawback of version 4.x vTiger is that the questions seem to be updated SugarCRM, vTiger and modernization process again, causing updates to fail. New versions 5.x, this problem has been corrected.

Get the best V-TIGER CRM experience is now much easier, simpler and more affordable!
Variance Infotech is a software and web development company, where we transform business concepts and ideas in an elegant web and software. We are one of the leading companies in the provision of custom CRM and ERP solutions to global clients. Our expert Vtiger CRM implementation team of diverse experience in customer service from the UK, U.S. and EU custom business solutions.

We combine the knowledge and skills to make the Web work and bring the maximum return for the expansion of business in no time. We work with global clients to understand all the technical specifications and have a client-oriented approach and the infinite connection trust.We bring a mirror, and cost-effective CRM and ERP-solutions for clients with the utmost transparency.

VTiger CRM is used much because of its openness, and has a large number of users around the world contribute to its development. We work with multiple projects VTiger and configure CRM for various industry needs. Our client-oriented approach allows us to own VTiger CRM for various vertical industries. We have experience in integrating CRM and ERP and CRM with e-commerce and is a pioneer in the implementation of CRM-systems for a variety of industries. Our team excels in the integration of existing modules, as well as custom development of new specific business requirements.

Our goal is to develop the project Vtiger CRM and CRM Vtiger settings include large modules:

• Sales Force Automation
• Customer Support and Services
• Marketing Automation
• Inventory Managment
• MS Outlook Integration
• Telemarketing Management
• Customizable templates to support writing
• Pre-sales, post sales, purchasing and other business processes
• tracking the issue and alert system
• Customer self-service status updates and order history

In Variance Infotech, we believe in providing complete solutions, from feasibility studies to project management, implementation of custom development and support for him. Our specialized areas of V-Tiger CRM customization, implementation, OpenERP implementation, CRM and e-commerce integration, CRM and ERP Integration CRM-consulting, data migration from the external system into the CRM and CRM training.

Website: [url]http://www.varianceinfotech.com/vTiger-CRM.html[/URL]
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