VS .NET Beta 2.0 and web services


Feb 21, 2005
Programming Experience

Could some one pleeeaaase help me with the following questions ?

1) Does VB.NET 2005 Beta 2.0 have its own IIS ?

2) Everytime I run my VB.NET application which consumes a web service in my local machine it creates a new port that remains open. Why does that happen and what should I do to avoid it ?

3)When I restart my computer and run the application it opens a new port and doesn't update the application by itselft. I have to delete the existing reference and create a new one to refer the web service.

4) What is Mysettings.settings file in my application which has a reference to the web service? Everytime I update the web service it creates a new settings file and I'm manually changing the value in that file ? Is this a bug in the Beta version.

Would greatly appreciate if anyone could help with these questions. I'm really struck and couldn't get any further without help.

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