Visual Studio Installed on max pc's


Mar 9, 2005
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I'm a student from Belgium, and on my stage we have to work with SQL Reporting Services. One of the requirements is Visual Studio .net. So we ordered the trail version a week ago and installed it on our computers (2). Then we found out that Reporting Services didn't work on our OS. So we installed it on a Windows 2003 server. One day later the guys from the IT called our server back because they gave us the wrong laptop, the one we used was for other testing purposes. So we had installed .net 3 times without using it. Now we have a new laptop that we can use for our test with reporting services but when we try to activate Visual Studio .net we get the warning: "According to our records, this copy of Visual Studio .net Trail 2003 - English has already been activated on the maximum number of computers allowed."

Now is my question: Is there a possibility to activate it on our new server? We don't need the versions on the other pc's, so we can deactivate them if necessary. We still have a trial period of around 50 days I think. What can we do to use VS .net?

Every solutions is welcome
Probably the quickest solution would be to call microsoft. (other than buying it)

Tomorrow I gonne call microsoft. Buying is not an option because it's just for testing, they don't use Visual Studio here. If the test are good, and they like the results of reporting services, then they will make a lot of reports with reporting services but at the moment buying a license isn't an option.
We've got our old laptop back, so we now have an activated VS .net but now we've got an other problem. I've posted it in another topic.

For the problem with the max number of pc's we called the company where we ordered the trial and they are trying to find a solution. When we hear something about it, I will post it here.