Question Virtual Directories Several Levels down...


Mar 8, 2010
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Hi all.

I could really do with some clarification on using virtual directories correctly. My situation is that I have a class folder located thus:


In sub3 there are some .aspx and .vb files that need to find the code in class_folder.

I already got myself into a mess once creating virtual directories inappropriately and had to go back and start again.

My temporary solution just to get things working has been to move class_folder into the root, which works fine. But I'm not entirely happy with that because it removes the class folder well away from the code that uses it. It may be a touch anal but it seems messy to me.

I know that the virtual directory must be named exactly the same as the physical folder it refers to, but I'm a bit nervous about how to handle this business of creating virtual directories on folders that are several levels deep.

Pointers most welcome (limited jargon much appreciated).
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