VB.net color or shape recognition?


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May 18, 2005
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is it possible to create visual basic.net exe to be able to recognize a particulr color or shape. I want to be able to take a picture of shapes and or colors in internet explorer window and be able to distinguish between them(either shapes or colors or both) and then display those colors or shapes in a little window of the running VB exe.

For example one picture would be colors
they would be arranged in 3 rows by 3 colums in the shape of squares

Red Blue Yellow
Orange Green Black
Purple Pink Brown

then the next one might have
blue circle blue square red circle
red square blue triangle Pink heart
Purple triangle brown circle yellow square

if these images appear in random orders each time i need to create something that can know what image is present and I am not that familiar with visual basic.net to know how to do something like this. Do i need copies of the pictures that are going to be displayed for comparisoins or how do i do this? thanks for your time and for veiwing this.
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