USB Card Reader - Get specific Keyboard Input


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Nov 19, 2012
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I am new here and hope I can help others and get help! Just started development on a small project utilizing Magnetic Strip Card Readers. The card reader itself uses USB Keyboard Emulation to enter the information read from the card. Using this i have setup a system where you can click a button to launch a form that waits for the keyboard input. However as part of the specification the program needs to be able to grab the card input even when it does not have focus on the program.

So that say if the clerk is away from the desk and the client wants to swipe their card to sign in, even if they were browsing the web the app could detect that its the card reader and not the normal keyboard, and still get the input. Does anyone know away for me to detect which keyboard is being used and if its the card reader take control to grab the input?

Thanks in advance
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