Urgent HELP NEEDED ...Basic Login Screen Using a Module and Local variables


Mar 28, 2006
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Urgent HELP NEEDED ...Basic Login Screen Using a Module and Global variables

hi guys

it is me Borat :) hhe only kiddin.

basically i would like to do a basic login system which is connected to an access database.

my problem is that i would like to intrduce different role for differnt userx, for example in the login screen it has the following layout,

basically i have 2 user profiles

a manager who is allowed to see everythin on the next screen called frmMain.

and a Counter Assistant who is not allowed to see certain buttons such as

New Staff
Total Daily Takings
Stock Allocation


i would like it as if when a counter assistant logs into the system he has restricted access to certain buttons(ie btnNewStaff .enabled = false), ive been told i must implement this using a module and global vairables because i am using values from the login form.

i just dont know how to code it, can anyone give me any guidance pls as i need to get this done within a few days.

kind regards

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