Unable to create SQL Query using parameters


Feb 28, 2005
Programming Experience
I have created a parameter called "Sku_Name" with properties
Value type = string
Discrete Values
Allow multiple values is unchecked.

Then using the Report Expert I am trying to create a Parameterized SQL query.

SELECT Run.Sku_ID, Run.Run_Placement, Avg(Tag.Tag_Count), stdev(Tag.Tag_Count)
FROM Run, Taglist
WHERE Run.Sku_ID = {?Sku_Name} And run.run_id=tag.run_id
GROUP BY Run.Sku_ID, Run.Run_Placement;
After creation, when I move to next screen in Report expert, no fields are returned for the Command.

As a check for the query, I replace the Parameter value with an actual value from the table and the fields were returned for the command.

I am thinking that there might be a problem in my syntax or have missed a certain step or my version of Crystal reports doesnot support Parameterized queries.

Please advise.


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