Throttling file streams using performance counters


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Jun 25, 2008
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Hi coders,

How to throttle the file streams using performance counter values?

I want to trasnfer the data from source path to destination path (While taking backup), i want to check the IO bandwidth using performance counters. Depends on the value of performance counter i have to transfer the data from source to destination path.

I am using Physical Disk performance counter with instance Avg Disk Queue Length. I am getting the value. depends on that value i have to manage the transfer rate of files..

If counter value is less i have to transfer the data with maximum speed. If counter value is more i have to transfer the file with less speed.

I am using VB.NET. Please let me know if you know any idea on throttling or adjust the transfer speed with performance counter..

Thanks inadvance..
Ravi Majji
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