ThermalLabel SDK 5.0 for .NET just released!


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Dec 5, 2005
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Neodynamic is proud to announce the availability of ThermalLabel SDK 5.0 for .NET Framework!

Neodynamic ThermalLabel SDK 5.0 for .NET is a royalty-free lightweight .NET assembly (DLL) that lets you to design barcode labels and print them to Zebra Thermal Printers (any printers supporting ZPL® or EPL® languages/emulators) by writing just pure .NET code in VB.NET or C#. The new v5.0 brings new great features like the new Native Printer Fonts, the Native Barcode Engine and the so awaited ThermalLabel Editor Add-on!

What's new in ThermalLabel SDK 5.0?
- New! Native Printer Font approach used with TextItem and BarcodeItem objects. The SDK provides three TrueType font files (*.ttf) which abstract the ZPL/EPL built-in fonts boosting the performance of the printing process. These TrueType fonts are needed to simulate the built-in fonts when rendering the output label to PDF documents or image files only, and for editing TextItem or BarcodeItem objects on the ThermalLabelEditor component.
- New! Native Barcode Engine approach used with BarcodeItem objects. This new barcode rendering engine generates barcode symbols by using primitive built-in ZPL and EPL commands based on our own barcode algorithms. It greatly reduces the amount of ZPL/EPL bytes sent to the printers when comparing it to the same output generated by the graphic approach.
- New! Added the PrintAsGraphic property to Item-derived classes. This new property is to bypass the new "Native" features and use the graphic engine for rendering.
- New! Added the DataFieldFormatString to Item-derived classes which allows you to set up the string that specifies the display format for the value of the data field.
- New! Added the PropertyChanged event to Item-derived classes.
- New! Added the Comments property to Item-derived classes. This property is not printable but is useful for commenting each of the items which composes a label layout. It could be used for review process and the ThermalLabelEditor nicely will display such comments as a tool tip when the mouse pointer is over the item.
- New! Added the UpdateFrom method to Item-derived classes and to the Font class. It is useful for updating the properties of an object based on the properties of another object. Mainly used when working with the ThermalLabelEditor component.
- New! Added Mils (1/1000 inch) to the list of supported units.
- New! Added support for Native Printer Font to the Font class.
- New! New MultipleSelectionItem class. It basically represents a collection of Item-derived classes which have been selected on the ThermalLabelEditor canvas by the end-user.
- New! A new Visual Label Editor/Designer add-on called ThermalLabelEditor component. The ThermalLabelEditor component is a first-class label designer for .NET Windows desktop apps featuring visual aids for label design process, undo/redo engine, Cut-Copy-Paste functionality, z-ordering on items, zooming, keyboard shortcuts for well-known common actions, In-place text edition for TextItem objects and many more features.

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