The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file ''. It is already opened exclu


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Nov 9, 2005
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Hi there,
I am trying to access a DB on a network server and I get the above error. I am using a workgroup file.

I searched the Net and found the possible causes:

This commonly occurs when your database file is opened exclusively by another application (usually MS Access). Close all applications that use this database and try again.
I checked, and the database isn’t opened exclusively by another user.
This error may occur if the account being used by Internet Information Server (IIS), (usually IUSR), does not have the correct Windows NT permissions for a file-based database or for the folder containing the file.
The IUSR_MY MACHINE NAME(the anonymous user on IIS) has read/write..etc permissions. And access is given to ‘Everyone’ on the folder containing the database. And IIS is controlling the password.
Check the permissions on the file and the folder. Make sure that you have the ability to create and/or destroy any temporary files. Temporary files are usually created in the same folder as the database, but the file may also be created in other folders such as /Winnt.
I have added another TEMP variable with the value C:\TEMP in the Environment Variables\System Variable and the above user has read/write..etc permission.
If you use a network path to the database (UNC or mapped drive), check the permissions on the share, the file, and the folder.
Access is given to ‘Everyone’ on the folder containing the database.
Check to make sure that the file and the data source name (DSN) are not marked as Exclusive.
It is set to Shared not Exclusive.
Simplify. Use a System DSN that uses a local drive letter. Move the database to the local drive if necessary to test.
I have tried it and it works with a copy on my machine but defeats the whole purpose of the program.
The "other user" might be Visual InterDev. Close any Visual InterDev projects that contain a data connection to the database.
There is no Visual InterDev installed on the network.
This error may also occur when accessing a local Microsoft Access database linked to a table where the table is in an Access database on a network server. In this situation, please refer to the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for a workaround:
The database file is on the server.

The application user id is ‘My machine name\ASPNET’ and it is a local account, so it can’t access the network server since it is a local account and it is not part of the active directory list.

Any suggestions?
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