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Apr 19, 2010
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Hi everyone, I'm new here!

So I'm a third year Computer Networking student and have my dissertation to do! Well I chose to write a Windows Mobile application that uses GPS or antenna data to update your Facebook status with a link to google maps which pinpoints your location for your friends.

I've done all the design, I've created the GUI in Visual Studio and got the different forms to link together.. But I have NO idea how to do the backbone of the programming!

This will be:

Logging into the user's facebook account
Pulling GPS data from in-built GPS receiver and turning this into a location
Taking the Cell ID from the Antenna data and referencing this with an online database of antenna locations
Updating Facebook with the URL

So before I started this I had very very little programming experience - I'd done a tiny bit of c++ in my first year but that's it. I'm now feeling this is way over my head but I'm in too deep to change my subject!

Could anyone give me some help towards this please? It'd be so greatly appreciated. I've spent hours and hours reading online, reading books, etc. but everything is written towards the advanced user with programming experience. For example, it tells me to insert a line of code.. which I do, but it just comes back with loads of errors!

Thanks very much!
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