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Dec 30, 2004
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Hello guys, I found a bug in the .net Splitter control:

Open any other application, alongwith the following sample if u wanna test it.

In any Windows form application, use the splitter e.g., to split a tree view control (on the left) and rich text box(on the right of splitter). Now left mouse Click on the splitter and hold down your mouse ,now at the same time press Alt+Tab on the key board, and go to the other application you have opened along with this sample.Now you can leave your mouse, and again come to the sample application, click in the rich text box and try to enter any text you will see that nothing will be typed, the problem is the focus has been frozen to the splitter, to verfiy it move the mouse around the splitter closely you will see the splitter shadow alongwith the splitter,although pressing the escape key can solve the problem.But this problem should not exist at all.

Note: i have given the example with the Richtextbox, but it is true for some other input control e.g., text box etc.

Any body who can help me out of this problem (without the need to escape) will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
A.R. Qureshi.


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