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Question ShortDatePattern always returns d/MM/yyyy instead off ...


Oct 5, 2007
Programming Experience

I have tried the code below in a windows form and a windows service.
It returns the short date format configured in the operating system, for example: M/d/yyyy

However, when I use exactly the same code in another project (a windows service) it always returns d/MM/yyyy (I placed the code in the onstart sub)
I know this code shows the short date format in the current thread, so I know I have to restart the service if I change the dateformat of the operating system during runtime.

When creating a completely new "empty" service, with just this code, everything works ok again. With the other code, the problem returns (it always shows d/MM/yyyy).
I have checked my code, there are no places where I set or change the culture, ...

Anybody knows if there's another parameter or property I should check in the project? I know this problem is vague, but the complete code is pretty long, so can't post it.
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