ShellObjects.WPF 2009 released


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Jan 28, 2006
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ShellObjects.WPF 2009 is a set of components which allow your WPF applications to create quick-launch like appbars with drag-docking and autohide functionality [ShellAppBar], display MSN/Office2003 style popups [ShellPopupNotification],display Explorer-like progress dialogs [ShellProgressDialog], monitor system idle time [SystemIdleTimer], perform multiple file/folder operations with Explorer-like progress dialog support [ShellFileOperation], define and listen to system-wide hotkeys [ SystemHotkey], create system tray icons with support for animations, multiple icons and balloon styles [ShellNotiyIcon], display Vista-style task-dialogs [TaskDialog], SingleInstanceComponent, TaskScheduler library, shortcut/internet shortcut library and more.
ShellObjects.WPF is written in 100% C# managed code; it fully supports Visual Studio 2008 with Net 3.5/3.0 and Vista; it has a royalty-free redistribution license; it has no external dependencies and it comes with comprehensive documentation and numerous samples.

For more information on ShellObjects.WPF, please visit,
ShellObjects : Quick-Launch-Like Appbar With Autohide And Drag-Docking, MSN/Office2003 Like Popups, Animatied Tray Icon, OS-Like Progress Dialog, Task Scheduler Component, Task Dialog Component, System Idle Timer, Hot Key, Shortcut And More
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