Question SharpDevelop Creating SharpReport Document Viewer or using MS Report Viewer


May 17, 2007
Connecticut, USA
Programming Experience
I am using SharpDevelop as an IDE for my VB.NET 2.0 database application, and I need reports to print data for users, but I want to have a report viewer that the user can preview reports from before printing, this is also handy if you want to look at something without printing a report.

SharpDevelop includes SharpReports reporting engine, I can create reports with their wizard and understand how to programatically assing information to a report, but I cannot quite understand how to generate or create a report viewer for my application and I cannot seem to find a solution on the net anywhere. As I understand it from the SharpReport site the viewer would start up if I just called the report. But then when i look at the sample report source included with the SharpDevelop source code, they have a form that contain a preview control, that I cannot find in the tools anywhere. Does anyone know how to implement a report viewer in my application using SharpReport?

THere is also another option which is the ReportViewer from microsoft, I am just not sure how easily I can programatically pass info to the reports I create using it. Does anyone have any experience programatically sending info to report using microsoft reporting?
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