Sharing created windows form application


May 16, 2013
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Hi all,

I have created a project. I published it - I have setup file and all application files. The metod used is ClickOne. I've got a problem with sharing it...

The thing is that, my application has two parts - 1st is Administator Panel - where he can choose what will be in comboboxes appearing in Employee Panel (I used MySettings), and connect to the database manually, by choosing it from the folder. The database is always the same, but the path is changing, depends on the Account/Area when we are making measurements. 2nd is Employee panel, where clerk can find what to measure, depends what Administrator has put into the comboboxes. Everything is okay with the application - no errors, etc. My question is, if it's possible to create an 'exe' file for the end, which I can put on the shared folder/sharedrive but with amendments to the comboboxes, taht I made on my computer for example (or on the server), and then employees will have an opportunity to start measurements using values that i've entered to the comboboxes.

Now, when I'm trying to do it, I can put data to the comboboxes, and share the file (on server I can see the all amendments that I made for combo) but on other machine, it's not possible, everything is empty. I guess it's not a problem with the code, because it's working on a single one, there must be something with the application after publishing...

Thank you in advance for help!

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