Server Side Redirect to New Window?


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Jun 2, 2004
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Since you cannot do a Response.Redirect/Server.Transfer to a New Window, I'm using the Javascript code to open the URL to a new window.

The problem is popup blockers, google'bars, Windows XP SP2, etc. is going to block this...

What's the best way, in server side code, to open a URL in a New window without getting blocked?
Almost all of the popup blockers are watching to see if the user initiated the new window. If there was a way to get around it all the ad guys would be doing it. The current trend for ad guys is to popup based on a mouse over event of something on the page, that way the user doesn't have to click and doesn't know where the popup came from.
I found an alternate method! The Janus Web GridEx is an absolutely amazing grid control for It has a Link column that has the option of a Target! Problem solved!
Do you have any examples of where the Janus grid was used? I am interested but I don't see any live demos on their site and am too busy to install and try it. It does look like a good component.
View the forums on their web site, they use it!!! It's fascinating! I absolutely love this web grid! It's clearly the best out there! I have just about all of them!