Sending DataSet from SQL to VB.NET Win App


Mar 30, 2005
Programming Experience
I have a SQL table that contains around 250,000 records. My application needs to get this data quickly without hesitation from the users perspective. I have set up a few indexes and I still need to set the tables Primary Key. The .NET calls a stored procedure that returns the data in a DataSet. Currently the result takes between 2-3 minutes to display in SQL's Query Anayzer and timesout in the Win App.

What would be the quickest way to get the data from SQL to my Win App? Will setting a Primary Key be all I require or should I use a different method alltogether?

Thank you,
Well I can't see that you'll be able to speed it up all that much programatically.
I'd recomend;
1.Upgrading your SQL server
2.Running a maintenance wizard on the DB
3.Splitting the table
4.Deleting any unneeded recourds
5.Check your normalization

Is there a way to store the last record requested from a SQL table so I could uas a stored procedure to get the records incrementally and display each in my Win App everytime the procedure is called. I know that will cause alot of round trips, but to the user the time loading each window will seem effortless.

Thanks, Anthony
Well you could select into a temp table, but if you have more than a couple of clients that's going to get messy very quickly.