Question sending bulk messages to Yahoo Answers

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Jun 28, 2010
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Otherwise known as a 'Spam Bot'. I'd like to create one as I am an affiliate marketer who wants to reach customers based on key words. I don't regard this as spamming since I'm not randomly sending out links its based on key words like I said. Y!A might regard this as spamming anyways but so what.

Can someone offer some help with this for VB.Net or any other language. In Yahoo Answers you click the question you want to answer, type in the answer, it takes you to a preview screen, and then you click submit. I suppose the script/program could involve automating this task.

Its not that I need everything to be done when I'm away from the computer, I don't mind working the program at all each time I send a mass amount of messages. Someone created a program a while back that was *supposed* to send bulk messages as they stated in the description but as it turned out this was not an option you could only comment on resolved questions. When I did send mass comments to questions which related to my key words, I clicked the link to confirm my comments went through and they did not! This program was a waste of my time and energy but that's life.

If someone could offer me some direction with this that would be great. I do have a background in .Net and some other things but its been too long since I've used it and I want to get back in shape again.
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