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Aug 13, 2014
Hi everyone, first post, please be kind.

I'm back into the visual studio game, having studied it some 20 years ago and barely used it since. my work has primarily involved VBA, MS Office and DBA as well as website code such as ASP, PHP, JavaScript, some vbscript, HTML, CSS etc. etc.

I am currently faced with an issue trying to automate some data extraction from a vendors software. it uses a web based interface and in order to set a filter on the data, launches a windows dialogue box. sadly, the software lacks any form of reasonable coding to allow me to submit a filter option without actually loading the filter page.

I've created a application that loads the URL, logs in and opens the filter page, then returns the hwnd for the page. what I need to do next is get the HTML document for the hwnd so that I can update fields in the filter and submit it.

can anyone give me reference material on how I can take control of the new page using the hwnd value? I've been searching for over a day and now resign myself that I'm clearly searching the wrong terms.

meant to add, thank you in advance, Dave
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