RapidSpell Desktop .NET v5 released


Jul 23, 2010
Programming Experience
Keyoti are pleased to release version 5 of RapidSpell Desktop .NET.

New features in v5;

- Sentence capitalization correction (auto or manual).
- TX Text Control v16 support added.
- Ignore Once added to 'as you type'.
- Easier to use custom context menus from 3rd party control kits.
- RapidSpellDialog support for DataGridView added.
- Compressed dictionaries
- Many small bug fixes and improvements in behavior.

RapidSpell allows Win Forms developers to add as-you-type and dialog spell checking functionality to .NET applications.

RapidSpell Desktop .NET features an open API for easy customization. The spell checker engine is 'decoupled' from the GUI making it possible to use custom word parsers with the GUI.

Designed to .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0 and .NET 4.0 specification, RapidSpell fully supports all versions of Visual Studio .NET.

Please download a free evaluation of RapidSpell Desktop .NET and add spell checking to your applications today!
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