Questions about what host you are using, and why.


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May 15, 2008
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I'm sorry if this post is kind of a big mess of thoughts. I'm really lost when it comes to the server level and am use to just uploading my page and it going.

Some of you may have noticed my recent posts about godaddy, and getting my app uploaded and running. The root of my issue is that Godaddy will only check that their service is running correctly, if visual studios tells me my app is running correctly, but when I publish it I get errors. Then godaddy tells me everything is ok on their end yet I still have errors I need to access a part of the server to debug my issue that godaddy either wont give, or requires purchasing the next level product.

This has been a common problem I have had with godaddy for years. Many issues where regarding PHP and I wouldn't have posted them here. In general, I'm tired of Godaddy. I had a sort of working project up, but the database code still failed. I think it was because it couldn't communicate with the sql server hosted by godaddy properly. Obviously setting a correct connection string would solve the issue. Instead of fixing that issue, they told me there service was ok, and they even left me back at the 500 internal server error that I had been calling them about all week. So not only did they break what I had working, but they left me there with something I don't think I have the ability to fix. What the hell?!?!

So this situation tells me a few things. First off, I need to have a better understanding of what is going on at the server level. Second and most importantly, I need to find a host that will at least attempt to work with me in fixing something related to the server, or provide the ability for me to get access to that level to figure out what needs fixing. If it is an error in my project that isn't really code related, what is that error? For example, with this connection string issue, I bet I just need the correct address for the server. Couldn't they have checked that?

I need a host that is better suited for .net/mvc applications, a host that is willing to walk a noob through the process, but leaves enough so that I need to learn what I am doing. Also this host needs to have available all the options I would need to properly troubleshoot my application.

This isn't a "looking for free hosting" post either. I am looking for the full deal.

All this nonsense being stated. The question is this. What host do you use, and why do you use them? Was this host recommended to you? General pro's and con's regarding that host? Example's of times when the host went the extra mile, and examples of when the host left you stranded?

Also, is this host in anyway setup for integration with visual studios? Is that even important? My goal here is to be off godaddy by the end of next week. I'd like to start making the switch Monday.

Thanks for baring with me, please feel free to ask anything that may better guide you to my end goal. Please feel free to post links to tutorials that may clear these questions/problems. My root goal is always to learn.

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Jul 18, 2014
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I would recommend you to find .net hosting provider that have many experience with .net. You may check it on FYI, I've been with, I love their technical support team, quick and very friendly. :)
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