Question Program just stops?


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Aug 6, 2013
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I have a CE 6.0 image for an x86 platform, touch screen and a VS2005 VB program running. The program, I have been writing for 5+ years and making updates and have sent hundreds of units to our customers.

I just made some simple changes to the VB program, nothing more than fixing an average array for the displayed position.

When I run the program on the CE platform, after 6 hours or so, it just stops, exits and I walk up to the touchscreen and there is no error, just my update screen that sits in the background. I have had VB crash on an error before but always have seen an OK box to acknowledge the error and even look at where the code broke. I have never seen this behavior before and don't know where to begin debugging this. I do have VS2005 installed on a Windows 7 64 bit laptop. I used to use a desktop but have already sent major revisions to customers using the laptop. This used to be my main job and is now a consulting job but I need the program to be stable.

Thanks for any help or pointer you may have.
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