problem : updating and deleting data


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Jun 19, 2004
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i have a slight problem with the updating and deleting data in a database i hope u can help me out here.

i am developing a registration program, the front end is VB.NET and the back end is Access
in VB.NET inorder to access the database i am using dataadapters and datasets now the problem is that i am able to select and insert data using the available select and insert commands of the dataset by adding parameters or by creating my own select and insert commands but i am unable to update to delete the records.

i have tried to update and delete the records using the update and delete comands provided by the dataadapter using parameters but nothing happened. then i tried usind my own commands but still nothing happened

in the case of "delete" the changes to the dataset are made at runtime but no changes are made to the data base

one more thing i cant figure out is that i have used the update method in another form and it works there i have compared bot the datasets of the forms but there is no difference.

i hope u can understand my problem.
plzz could anyone provide me with a solution.
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