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Jun 3, 2004
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PlusSuite is a control library containing custom controls and components to be used with the Microsoft .Net Framework and integrated with Visual Studio.NET. All controls are extensible, flexible and easy to deploy. The library contains high quality controls like listboxes, drop-down controls, popup controls, various editing controls. All the controls use fast and advanced graphic painting and support the Windows XP Themes.

In this release, PlusSuite contains 17 main controls and components and as well as other reusable classes and tools. To mention some of the most important controls available in this release:

-PlusListBox : one of the most advanced .Net list box control available on the market
-PlusComboBox : combining the strength of PlusListBox with the extensible DropDownBase class
-PlusShortcutBar : a powerful command bar control
-PopupPanel : highly customizable notification panel (MSN Messenger style)

For a tour:
For a trial download:
For the class library and samples:

Note: you can also get Olvio.Ecommerce, a component for integrating payments with the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, for free:

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