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Jan 4, 2011
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Please someone help me i had trying 2 days to make this, searched everywhere guides or help nobody even want to give advice or help
So i beg someone to help me make a simply project with this information, i'm tired and want to shut down everything cause nothing works

here is what i want to make in a project

My file : Config.ini
Host =
Username = sa
Password = mypass
Database = DbName

Open project connect to sql server from information of the Config.ini

In Project Has:

2 Labes
3 Text Boxes
2 Buttons

1 Label - Account Name:
1 Textbox - We write here Account name that will search in database
1 Button - Display us information in Textbox2 and 3

Textbox2 - Display Account name , Age
Textbox3 - Display Account name , City

2 Button - Save Info in db if we made changes in textboxes

Close Project, Sql connection lost
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