Question PictureBox with Layered Images for VB2008


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Jun 14, 2011
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So i've got a collection of images with the same sizes, and has its own respective Transparencies, all PNG Files.

The problem is from Layered PictureBoxes, that doesnt display anything behind it (or is actually Visible = True), what are some solutions for this? Or Alternatives (Somehow, editing all the PNG Files to mix match together would be pretty overzealous of anyone)

I've been googling and checking sites, but most of the guides are old and are just outdated (or at least the codes arent available) about a single picturebox drawing 2 or more images together, to form a single image, Layered out evenly, but even that wasnt discussed in any of my Visual Studio Classes (Even though we covered DirectX on C# Classes, it was really hard to understand....)

Anyone care to help? I'll leave this right here.

Creating a Project for a Class btw.
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