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paul pauwels

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Apr 21, 2023
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I use visual studio 2019 or 2022 but the pdf viewer isn't in the toolbox. How can I put them inside to use to view directeley pdf files in the form.
There is no standard .NET PDF viewer, so there's nothing to put in the Toolbox. If you want a particular third-party control there, e.g. the Adobe Reader control, then you need to install the appropriate app and then add it yourself. Note that if you use an app like that, rather than a dedicated stand-alone control, your users will also need the app installed.

There's also the matter of whether you're targeting .NET Framework or .NET Core - .NET 5 and later are based on .NET Core. Unless you have specifically chosen a project template that targets .NET Framework - they specify it in the template name - then you're targeting .NET Core. Not all third-party controls will be supported. I'm not sure whether ActiveX controls are supported at all.

Note that WebView2 from Microsoft is basically a Microsoft Edge control and Edge is a PDF viewer too - the default for Windows these days, in fact. You should be able to install that and add it to the Toolbox and then use it in any Windows development project. Everyone who uses your app will already have Edge installed, so there will be no compatibility issues.
Thanks for the answer, its like i'am completely new to use visual studio.
longtime ago i was have made a program in visual studio, but know I wanted to add a new part in the program, but it is given a error that visual studio not find the "AcroPDFib" anymore.
registered like AxAcroPDF1.src
How I use the webview from microsoft ? Is it also with " Process.Start(pad + y + ".pdf", OpenMode.Output)" its reading first a file in a listbox
Sorry, its been longtime that i was use visual studio. Before there was a tool that i could use (visual studio 2008)
look video
that was verry easy.
I don't have the knowledge anymore to complete the changement in my program.
here is a part of the program :

Case MENUENIGMA.Checked = True

Dim wb, x, Y, YXB As String
x = ListBox1.SelectedItem

If x = "" Then
MessageBox.Show("YOU HAVE TO SELECT AN ITEM !!!", "fout", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Warning)

Dim padENIG As String = "c:\PROC\MANUAL\ENIGMA\"
Y = x.Substring(0, 2)
YXB = Y + ".PDF"
wb = padENIG + YXB
' AxAcroPDF1.src = wb
End If

When i take out the ' before the AxAcroPDF1.scr = wb its given an error.

can you help me with it please ?